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Guitar And Bass set-up workshop

Learn everything you need to know to get your guitar or bass playing like you know it can

Let us tell you a little bit about what to expect at one of our Guitar And Bass Set-Up Workshops:


1. You can bring a guitar or bass of your choosing (both acoustic or electric are accepted) or just come in to watch and learn.


2. When you arrive for your scheduled workshop, we will begin by replacing the strings of your instrument. We will even provide a set of Ernie Ball Regular Slinkys for free to anyone who needs strings, but you're more than welcome to bring a set of your preferred strings if desired. Ernie Ball Earthwoods will be provided for acoustic guitars. We will not provide strings for basses.


3. You will then learn everything about setting the proper relief in your guitar neck via truss rod adjustments. We will go over factory standards, but will also show you how to make adjustments based on personal preference.


4. From there, we will show you how to set the action of your guitar. Again, we will go over standard set-up procedure, but will also show you how to make your guitar feel right in your hands by adjusting the action based on preference.


5. We will then show you how to properly set the intonation of your instrument to get it sounding sweet wherever you are on the fretboard. 


6. Finally, we will go over adjusting the pickup heights of electric instruments to get the sound you want out of your guitar or bass. 


This class is designed for those who are interested in saving time and money in the future by learning how to do set-ups on their own, rather than having to take it into a shop. This will allow you to make adjustments on your guitar or bass from home whenever it is needed, or even give you the freedom to experiment with the playability of your instrument to get it feeling right in your hands. 

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The goal of the Guitar And Bass Set-Up Workshop is to teach the skills necessary for those who are interested in learning how to set up a guitar or bass on their own. Typically, a set-up from a shop can range from $50-$85. This class is $100. 


-You will be able to walk away with a set-up instrument and knowledge needed to make any other adjustments to it, and other instruments in the future.


-Both acoustic and electric instruments are accepted, but we do ask that any electric guitars are not Floyd Rose equipped in the interest of keeping the class more standardized.


 -Strings will be provided for both electric and acoustic guitars (Ernie Ball) but you are more than welcome to bring your own set. Bass strings will not be provided.


-The class will be held at Falls Music Shop facility on a pre-determined Friday beginning at 6 pm.


-Falls Music Shop is not liable for the following after the class is over:


  • Wear or breakage of frets or strings, or other normal wear and tear of the instrument or its parts.

  • Defects caused by modification, misuse or abuse or improper maintenance of the instrument.

  • Defects involving subjective personal likes or judgments.

  • Defects caused by accident or exposure to extremes of temperature or humidity that causes harm to the instrument.


      -Our goal is for students to learn many set-up skills and take home a professionally set-up instrument that they worked on themselves. We want it to be a truly unique and rewarding experience


-The $100 cost can be submitted through Paypal below. You can also call us to pay over the phone, or stop in to the shop and pay with cash or check. We do ask payments are made before the class, so that we can plan accordingly based on attendance.

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